Indeterminate structures question

Three identical wires support a load of 20 kN as shown in the figure. Determine the force in each wire and the vertical displacement of the load if the diameter of each wire is 6 mm and E = 200 GPa.

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@ashokraja94 @mohammadniyaz @Ram @Bhargavi72 here is another one for you all to solve! Try your hand at it. :grinning:

sir, give me some hint.

i can’t able to use compatibility equation because the change in length of vertical wire and the inclined wire are different.

finally, i tried by the method of resolving the forces but i left with 3 unknown variable. lami’s theorem also won’t work here since it has 4 forces(1 known 3 unknown)

38%20PM 48%20PM 59%20PM

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shared the solution