Question on Thermodynamics-Steady Flow Energy Equation

A pump draws a solution with a specific gravity of 1.50 from a storage tank through a 8 cm pipe. The velocity in the suction pipe is 1.2 m/s. The open end of the 5 cm discharge pipe is 15 m above the top of the liquid in the storage tank. Friction head losses are found to be 25 Nm/kg. What is the power required by the pump?


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Sir, correct me if i am wrong.

Power required for the pump is 1.14 KW

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You are close enough. The answer is 1.6 kW. Recheck your calculations once.

Is my steps are correct sir?

I rechecked the calculation, i did not do any mistake on the calculation part. kindly share the solution sir.

sir, i am getting 1.6 KW as answer if i add the friction head loss to the section 2, instead of subtracting it from section 2. I subtracted friction head loss on the assumption that the head is lost due to friction on section 2

i understood it sir.

Why did u subtract head loss from section 2? Can you explain.

Because, I thought that friction would not add any energy into section 2 as it is reducing or obstructing the flow of fluid. That is why I thought it should be subtracted, but now I understood it sir

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