Word problems on Inequalities

Q1) Joe and Adam play in the same soccer team.
Last Saturday Adam scored 3 more goals than Joe, but together they scored less than 9 goals. What are the possible number of goals Adam scored?

Q2) Of 8 pups, there are more girls than boys. How many girl pups could there be?

Q3) Joe enters a race where he has to cycle and run. He cycles a distance of 25 km, and then runs for 20 km. His average running speed is half of his average cycling speed. Joe completes the race in less than 2½ hours, what can we say about his average speeds?

Q4) The velocity v m/s of a ball thrown directly up in the air is given by v = 20 − 10t , where t is the time in seconds. At what times will the velocity be between 10 m/s and 15 m/s?

Q5) 7 is subtracted from a number y. Then the result is multiplied by 3. The final answer is less than or equal to 12.


  1. 3,4,5
  1. 5,6,7,8
  2. x>13 and y>26
  3. 1 and 0.5 seconds
  4. y<=11

  1. x>13 and y>26
  2. For 10 seconds it is 1 and for 15 it is .5 seconds
  3. y<=11
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